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We tread lightly in everything we do

From caring for our vineyards to our winemaking approach; in every sense the fruit is the humble hero.

At Tahbilk we are custodians of some 200 hectares of heritage vineyards with connections back to the Northern Rhone. We are home to the largest single planting of Marsanne in the world and some of the oldest Shiraz plantings dating back to 1860.  By using traditional European winemaking techniques, we allow the fruit to shine.  This, in combination with our unique climate and world class soils, means our wines truly pay homage to the place they are grown, the people who made them and five generations of family winemaking heritage and craft.


Nagambie Lakes


Our Unique Climate

In 1993, the then Australian Wine & Brandy corporation (now Wine Australia), recognised Nagambie Lakes wine region as a unique sub region within the Goulburn Valley; two factors combined set it apart. Firstly, it is the only Australian wine region where the meso-climate is dramatically influenced by inland water mass creating a unique cooling effect.  Secondly, the region has a unique soil type (duplex 2.2) which has a positive effect on grape quality and gives the wines a defined regional character.


Healthy soils


Our Vineyard Practices

We use straw and compost mulches under our vines to moderate soil temperatures by insulating the soil. This means our plants are exposed to less stress from extremes in soil temperature and moisture.


The Yield multi-sensor technology helps us manage our irrigation water on the vineyards by capturing our micro climate data and converting it into meaningful information.


Our approach to vineyard management is to utilise organic inputs whenever possible, minimising artificial inputs. Our Pogue vineyards are certified organic and a marker for where we are going in the future.

1860 Vines Shiraz

Red winemaking at Tahbilk

Tahbilk has a long history of producing fine wines with the help of ferric-oxide/sandy loam soils and temperate climate. With over 160 years of winemaking experience, you are sure to find some absolute gems in the repertoire. Whether it be 1860 Vines Shiraz, Eric Stevens Purbrick or the Estate Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, there is a history and character with both varietals that goes back generations.


Throughout its career, Tahbilk has obtained over 1000 awards for wines produced on the Estate at all the world's principal exhibitions.  These awards include the Diploma of Honour, the highest award obtainable at the Greater London Exhibition of 1899.  Also first Order of Merit and Medals in London, Philadelphia, Paris, Bordeaux, Calcutta, Brussels, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Adelaide and Dunedin.


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