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Inaugral release Tahbilk Tempranillo

Inaugral release Tahbilk Tempranillo

Expanding on our Mediterranean origin wines, we turn to a new release, the Tahbilk 2020 Tempranillo, the first Spanish varietal to dance onto the Tahbilk wine list. We have heard of its growing popularity as an alternative varietal at our cellar door, and we are happy to have answered your calls. We are looking forward to introducing our red wine lovers to this new release that will get the tastebuds jiving.

‘We are all very excited to see the first Spanish red – 2020 Tempranillo – join our Tahbilk reds range, and see it having a very bright future as it’s very moreish and savoury with fennel notes, ripe berry and cherry fruits undoubtedly attest.’

- Alister Purbrick, 4th Generation.

If you don’t have a Tempranillo in your wine cellar yet – here is your opportunity.




Extra notes on Tempranillo

In its homeland, Tempranillo grows well in a moderate climate and is a variety that enjoys the hot summer sun. In Central Victoria, and in particular the Nagambie Lakes wine region the varietal is on the up with top producers awarded for making a notably beautiful drink.

Tempranillo itself gets its name from the Spanish word, temprano, meaning early because Tempranillo is an earlier ripening grape, fitting in nicely with our picking schedule. It also means it is one of the first vintage red wines to be released.

Tempranillo is best served at around 19°C which is about the same as room temperature in Autumn in Victoria. If you’re in a warmer climate and would like to chill it, you can do this by popping it in the fridge for 20 minutes before serving. Drinking lower temperature reds is brilliant for those of us who are transitioning from our summer whites into cool reds just in time for the autumn rollout. With that, you’ll be wondering what to eat with this wine and we’re happy to report, there are lots of options.

The Tahbilk Tempranillo is characterised as a medium-bodied wine, with medium acidity and medium to fine tannins, and so will pair well with fun simple foods such as tapas with ham, prosciutto, olives and Manchego cheese, patatas bravas or chopitos (Baby Squid) or a grilled Chorizo paella, Spanish stew or a Moroccan lamb Tagine.  Gather your friends and family, this is a wine that you’ll want to enjoy at your next Spanish feast.

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